Refresh is Freshworks' very own recurring global user conference. A community that brings customers, thought leaders, and inspirational speakers together, Refresh aims to support and celebrate the evolution of the CX industry.

• 24 - 25 April 2019 at Tobacco Dock, London
• 3 - 4 September 2019 at Aria, Las Vegas

In October 2018, we held our first user conference Refresh 18 at Grand Hyatt, New York, to great success. With over 50 knowledge sharing sessions, workshops, and discussions about the hottest trends in the industry, the conference enabled customers to get hands-on with our products, and connect with inspiring minds.

This year, we’re back with double the Freshworks energy. Twice the learning, twice the fun and twice in 2019, and we're all set to redefine customer experience!

Being an emerging and scaling startup, we strive to give our customers ‘WOW’ moments in every aspect of their experience, and that accelerates who we are as a brand. Our products are constantly evolving to meet the rapid pace of technological development. As we scale, we are always determined to make every step of the customer journey a memorable experience, everyday. That is what we at Freshworks stand for.

Refresh 19, is the face of the story that emphasises why experience has always mattered to Freshworks. As we cater to the dynamic needs of the CX industry by providing simple yet advanced solutions to meet our customers needs, we never forget to stick to the roots of our company's belief - experience matters.