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24 Apr | Wed25 Apr | Thu
Day 01
Registration and Breakfast
The Future of Customer ExperienceSpeaker: Girish Mathrubootham, CEO at Freshworks
Tea Break
Fireside Chat with Customer Champion - TravixSpeaker - Mirjam Van Den Berg, VP Customer Operations at Travix
Fireside Chat with Customer Champion - Get Your GuideSpeaker - Dirk Moreno, VP Customer Service at GetYourGuide
Engagement For Life SpeakerSpeaker - Esteban Kolsky
Lunch Break
Achieving Customer Centricity and Customer Experience Excellence: The Challenge and the WayThought LeadershipSpeaker: Adrian Swinscoe, Customer Service and Experience Advisor, Speaker and Contributor for Forbes"The fight to achieve a market-leading customer experience is increasingly feeling like a maelstrom and firms are struggling to keep up. Competition, disruption, artificial intelligence, automation, big data, omni-channel, personalisation, behavioural science, privacy - these are only some of the issues that businesses are wrestling with. In this session, Adrian will explore some of these challenges that businesses face, how they can approach these challenges, what they should focus on, to help deliver the customer experience they desire.
When Experience Matters, Opt for Omnichannel Support Speaker: Arun Mani, Managing Director at Freshworks EuropeCustomer behaviour has changed, owing to the proliferation of support channels. Although it has made it easier for the customer to get in touch with a company, this change has made it more difficult for companies to provide consistent support experiences. In this talk, Arun will be sharing his insight on how companies should plan for an omnichannel strategy that can deliver the best customer experiences.
The Inside-Out Approach to Building Customer LoyaltySpeaker: Charanyan Venkataraghavan, Product Manager, Freshdesk at FreshworksCreating and sustaining an environment that allows your support team to ""live and deliver WOW moments"" to your customers requires the support of your entire organisation and the leadership. It is crucial that the choices being made, right from the tools that equip your teams through to the metrics that they're measured against, support the creation of such an environment.
Tea Break
Creating a Winning Culture - JT, Captain, Leader, Legend
Putting the Customer Back into Customer ExperienceThought LeadershipSpeaker: Annette Franz, founder and CEO of CX Journey IncJourney mapping is being acknowledged as one of the most powerful tools to keep customers at the center of your business. In this session, Annette shares her knowledge on why there's a growing need to put your customers in the driver's seat, how you can use journey maps to understand your customers and ensure it catalyzes the change you need to acheive. She also shares her experience of working with journey maps and how data is critical to see progressive outcomes.
5 Trends Redefining Customer SupportProductSpeaker: Yasasree Nerayanuri, Customer Success at FreshworksTrends that we need to watch out for in the Customer Support domain basis our interactions with industry thought leaders and some of our customers from across the globe who are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to customer experience.
For each of the 5 trends, we will cover:
 How have some of our largest customers integrated the trend as part of their support workflow
 Impact created for our customers by putting the trends into action
 What industries have we seen the trend more prevalent in
At the end of the session, walkaway with insights on how you can future-proof your Customer Support and be ahead of the curve.
Get More out of Freshdesk with AppsMarketplaceSpeaker: Rohit Eddy, Product Lead - Freshworks MarketplaceJoin us on a tour of the Freshworks Marketplace and discover how apps can be used to customise your workflows, bring context and introduce additional functionality to your helpdesk.
Welcome Reception Party